1. We draw the shape of the birdhouse and we cut the front and the back side of the box out of thick chipboard. Overall dimensions: 22cm (wide) x 27cm (height).
2. For the front side of the house, we draw also the snow hanging from the roof and piled on the ground as shown on the photo below. For these 2 pieces we need to cut more chipboards for extra thickness and effect.




1   2

3. Then we cut strips of thick chipboard for the outer and inner ‘walls’ of the frame, width 4cm. We can use auxiliary paper angles for greater stability in the joints.
4. Also, it would help if we add intermediate brackets to the inner contour of the frame to ensure uniformity of the shape.


3a   4

5. After we finish with the inner brackets, we glue to the backside of the box.
6. Last we add the snow pieces on the front side of the house. The main structure of our winter bird house is done and all is left to do is to decorate it!


5   6

For the decoration we can ‘dress’ the shadow box with patterned papers and add to the interior dried flowers and straw.Also use paper cut outs with 3D foams for 3D effect.
For the snow on the roof and on the ground we can use texture paste mixed with straw and glitter. That will give extra sparkle to the whole project!


IMG_6426c   IMG_6429c


Have fun!