If you love mixed-media projects or you are just starting out, Finnabair is back with new products that will surely lead you to new challenges …

Patina Paste

Patina Paste gives the perfect patina finish to any project! You can use them with a paintbrush or a palette knife,or even your fingers to add colors to your projects.




Acrylic Paint Sparks

Sparks is a high quality, metallic acrylic paint with beautiful shimmer and shine like you’ve never seen before! Soft, creamy and rich in color with the most sparkly effect.


 Art Wax

Finnabair’s Art Wax is a beeswax-based paste, but it is different from other waxes: it is created to give you a different finish on light and dark backgrounds! When you use it on a light-colored background, you get a touch of iridescence. If you use it on a dark background, you get saturated color and a shiny surface! Try on metal, resin, glass, shiny plastic, and so many other surfaces.


Metallique Wax is a beautiful, metallic, beeswax-based paste which will turn your artwork into a real treasure while adding amazing, rich, metal-like finish to most surfaces and elements.




Unique, Gorgeous, beeswax-based paste with a difference: offering you two wonderful effects in one product. Antique Brilliance Wax has a special opaque yet permanent finish. It will give you generous color and shiny results on dark surfaces and antiqued vintage effect with a touch of iridescence on lighter backgrounds.




Opal Magic Wax is a marvelous beeswax-based paste offering you two great effects in one product. Opal Magic Wax has a special opaque, yet permanent finish. It will give you color filled shiny results on dark surfaces  and delicate pearled iridescence effects on lighter background.




Stone Paste

Stone Paste will give your projects the effect of real stone! Choose what type of stone you want to use; Concrete, Limestone or Pumice, then try them out on any project! These pastes are perfect to add to your mixed-media collection so that you can add believable textures on anything you like!