1. Use an embroidery small hoop for the circular part of the dreamcatcher.
2. From a patterned paper you can cut off shapes like feathers.
3. On the inner circle of the embroidery hoop tie several strings.

1 2 3

4. You can tie as many strings as you like. In this example we used Sew Easy floss for the strings.
5. Place the inner circle of the embroidery hoop in its position and choose a paper for the background as shown in the photo below.
6. Glue the embroidery hoop on the paper using a strong glue.

4 5 6

7. We attach our embellishments on the hanging strings.
8. Our dreamcatcher is ready!
9. We hope you enjoy it and that you try to make your own dreamcatcher as well. Good luck!

7 8 9