1. We cut 2 pieces of paper the same size as our stamps.
2. We stamp using archival black ink.

1a 2a

3. Using mat gel medium we glue a piece of vellum paper on top of the stamped image.
4. We let it dry and then we start adding color using distress stain Blueprint Sketch.

3 4

5. We can also add splashes of distress spray stain old paper.
6. When it dries we can add texture with white gesso and a stencil.

5 6

7. We let it dry again and then we can cut around the spare vellum paper.
8. We use white gesso on the flowers so we can add the color that we want afterwards.

7 8

9. Using a hot glue gun we add the flowers to the cards with a piece of string for extra dimension.
10. In the end we add a few drops of dark blue color to the flowers.

9 10


Have fun!